Digital Trust 04-11-2024

Pioneering the next wave of secure digital solutions 

Dr. Avesta Hojjati
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While DigiCert got its start as a trusted supplier of TLS/SSL certificates and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), private and public trust are now just a fraction of what we do. As the digital world continues to grow and change, innovating solutions in the cybersecurity space becomes more important for providers of digital trust and the people who count on them to stay securely connected.

Powerful technologies like quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to propel the connected world forward—but in the wrong hands, their dangers are undeniable. That’s why innovation areas like machine learning and AI, quantum encryption, cryptography, and IoT security were key areas of focus for DigiCert’s patent program in 2023.

By the numbers: A breakdown of the DigiCert patents filed in FY24

We started the year with a goal of submitting 20 patents. Our commitment to innovation and excellence helped us surpass that target by 160%, with a total of 32 patents filed by the end of the fiscal year in the following areas.

Let’s take a closer look at the 7 categories where we submitted patents in FY24.

Trust: Securing digital transactions and communications

Patent-worthy innovations in the category of Trust focus on strengthening digital trust, the backbone for security in the connected world. Imagine a cutting-edge system that integrates top-tier encryption methods and machine learning (ML) algorithms, reliably authenticating and securing digital transactions and communications to ensure their integrity and privacy. Its distinctive feature is the creation of a secure, tamper-proof record-keeping mechanism for digital transactions, supported by intelligent algorithms that continuously enhance the system's security and effectiveness in detecting fraud.

Certificates: Advancing public and private trust

A patent in the Certificate category typically concentrates on the development and advancement of PKI systems. The primary objective in this field is to address challenges related to issuance processes, including workflow management, specific use cases, and the intricacies inherent in the complex systems associated with PKI.

IoT: Securing smart technology

A patent in this category typically concentrates on the development and refinement of Internet of Things (IoT) systems, with a special focus on bolstering security aspects. This area targets the challenges associated with secure deployment and integration, centering on improving workflows, adapting to various application scenarios, and navigating the intricacies of complex IoT networks. A key goal of innovating within this category is ensuring that robust security protocols are embedded within the fabric of IoT technology to safeguard against evolving digital threats. 

Content: Protecting digital content

Patents in the Content domain emphasize security measures that advance content trust. This includes developing methods for secure content verification, optimizing workflows for content validation, and managing the complexities inherent in diverse content ecosystems. The implementation of robust security protocols and trust verification techniques is crucial to ensuring the authenticity and integrity of digital content across various platforms and applications.

Encryption: Strengthening and streamlining data encryption

In the Encryption sector, patents focus on the progression of encryption technologies, with a specific emphasis on enhancing security features. The main objective is to confront the challenges related to developing and implementing advanced encryption methods. This includes designing robust algorithms for secure data encryption, streamlining processes for deploying encryption across various systems, and addressing the complexities associated with safeguarding sensitive information in diverse technological environments. An integral part of this effort is ensuring the encryption technology is resilient against emerging security threats to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of data in an increasingly digital world.

Machine learning and AI: Enhancing intelligence automation

A patent in this area is devoted to breakthroughs in machine learning and AI, with a focus on enhancing capabilities and applications. The core aim is to tackle challenges involved in developing and refining advanced machine learning and AI algorithms. This includes creating more efficient and accurate predictive models, optimizing data processing workflows, and dealing with the complexities present in diverse AI-driven systems. A significant part of this work involves ensuring these technologies can adapt and respond effectively to real-world scenarios, improving decision-making processes and intelligence automation across various sectors.

Quantum: Developing robust, adaptable cryptographic solutions

A patent in this field centers on advancing post-quantum cryptography (PQC) and quantum security to address challenges associated with developing cryptographic systems that are secure against quantum computing threats. This includes designing and implementing cryptographic algorithms that can withstand potential quantum computer attacks, optimizing systems for the integration of post-quantum cryptographic methods, and managing the complexities inherent in securing data in a quantum computing future. An essential aspect of this effort is to ensure that these cryptographic solutions are robust and adaptable to maintain high levels of security and data integrity in the face of rapidly evolving quantum technologies.

A look ahead at FY25

Because innovation is critical to digital trust, DigiCert remains committed to advancing the state of the art in FY25 with ambitious goals for the filing of many new patents, with all-new categories furthering the impact of DigiCert’s innovations on the cybersecurity space.

The latest developments in digital trust

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