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Unlocking Device Trust Manager

A Q&A with DigiCert Director of Product Management Kevin Hilscher
Alex Deo
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I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin Hilscher, the Director of Product Management for IoT/Device at DigiCert, to dive deep into our groundbreaking new solution: Device Trust Manager.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, securing connected devices is becoming more critical than ever. Leaning on his extensive experience and insights into IoT security, Kevin shared invaluable perspectives on how DigiCert’s new Device Trust Manager is shaping the future of device security.

Q&A with DigiCert’s Kevin Hilscher

Q: To kick things off, can you explain what Device Trust Manager is and why it's so crucial in today's IoT world?

A: Device Trust Manager is our comprehensive security platform designed specifically for IoT devices. It addresses the entire lifecycle of a device, from initial deployment to end-of-life, ensuring each phase is secure. With the exponential growth of IoT devices, the threat landscape has significantly expanded. Device Trust Manager is crucial because it not only secures devices but also establishes a foundation of trust between devices and their users, which is essential for any IoT ecosystem.

Q: That sounds incredibly comprehensive. How does Device Trust Manager differ from other security solutions in the market?

A: What sets Device Trust Manager apart is its holistic approach. Many solutions focus on specific aspects of security, like encryption or authentication. While these are important, Device Trust Manager integrates them into a full lifecycle solution. Plus, with the inclusion of post-quantum cryptography (PQC), we're preparing for future threats today, ensuring long-term security and compliance with evolving standards.

Q: Speaking of standards, compliance is a big concern for many of our clients, especially in regulated industries. Can you elaborate on how Device Trust Manager simplifies compliance for medical device OEMs, particularly with the FDA?

A: For medical device OEMs, compliance with FDA regulations is non-negotiable. Device Trust Manager simplifies this process by providing tools that automate compliance tasks, like certificate management and data protection, ensuring devices meet the highest security standards. This not only streamlines FDA compliance but also reduces the time and resources OEMs need to invest in these processes.

Q: That's a significant advantage. Looking forward, what are some of the challenges and opportunities you see for Device Trust Manager?

A: IoT is still in its relative infancy, and as it matures, we'll see devices becoming increasingly interconnected—for example, device-to-device communication as seen in the upcoming CSA Aliro access credential and communication protocol.

This interconnectivity presents both challenges and opportunities. The challenge lies in securing a broader attack surface. By actively participating in numerous standards bodies, including CSA and C2PA, we ensure Device Trust Manager remains at the forefront of these evolving challenges. Our involvement in these organizations allows us to contribute to and stay ahead of the latest security standards and practices, ensuring our solutions are both adaptive and future-ready.

Q: For organizations looking to adopt Device Trust Manager, what's the first step they should take?

A: Aside from identifying potential risks, the initial step for customers is to gain a clear understanding of their regulatory and compliance obligations. Following this, engaging with us for a consultation is crucial. Together, we'll develop a comprehensive strategy that not only meets these requirements but also addresses the unique challenges they face, leveraging Device Trust Manager's capabilities to secure their devices effectively.

Q: Kevin, thank you for sharing your insights today. It's clear that Device Trust Manager is not just a product but a comprehensive strategy for securing the IoT ecosystem.

A: Thank you, Alex. It was my pleasure. I'm excited about the future of Device Trust Manager and the role it will play in securing our connected world.

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