SSL Certificates Are the Key to Internet Security

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SSL is an essential security component for any organization with an online presence. It will not only protect and authenticate your organization from hackers, but it will also facilitate a trusting relationship between your organization and your clients.

Choosing the right SSL Certificate can be an overwhelming process. At DigiCert, we want to make the selection process as simple as possible by providing straightforward and honest information about each certificate, so you can choose which one is the right fit for your organization.

Choosing Your Certificates

All of DigiCert's SSL Certificates include unlimited reissues, unlimited duplicate certificates, and an unlimited server license in addition to many other benefits, such as 24-hour expert support, fast certificate issuance, and the strongest encryption available.

SSL Plus

Standard, or single-name, SSL Certificates provide encryption and authentication for one domain. An SSL Plus certificate can secure

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EV Multi Domain

Extended validation (EV) Certificates are single-name certificates with added consumer-facing recognitions. An EV Certificate secures one domain and get EV-only visual cues, such as the green branded URL in browser address bar.

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Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates use Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to secure multiple domains, sites, and subdomains. Four SANs are included in the base price, and additional names can be purchased at any time.

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EV Multi-Domain

EV Multi-Domain Certificates secure up to multiple domains, sites, or subdomains with one certificate (3 SANs are included in the base price, and you can buy additional names at any time). These certificates give you the green and branded the address bar that is unique to EV-secured websites.

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With a Wildcard certificate you use a wildcard character in your domain, such as * This secures,, and so forth.

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EV Code Signing

EV Code Signing Certificates allow developers to protect their code through encryption and authentication, ensuring that it has not been compromised by any third party. These certificates comply with industry standards for extended validation.

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