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Enterprise Level Managed PKI is Now Available from DigiCert

The DigiCert Enterprise Account Manager is designed for customers that handle a high SSL certificate volume and want to simplify their SSL certificate management functions.

Managed PKI gives you many benefits that may be familiar to you from using similar Managed PKI interfaces in the past. However, we hope that you will find our PKI SSL certificate management system is easier than anything you've used before.

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Benefits of a Managed PKI System...

  • Simplified certificate management.
  • Increased control to account administrators including certificate approval, user and organization management, and delegation of account access/control.
  • With standing domain approvals certificates can be issued instantly at your discretion.
  • Save money with free reissues and an unlimited server license, in addition to our already low prices.
  • Free 24-hour support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs an SSL PKI account? - MPKI is most likely going to be beneficial for organizations that, due either to their size or high demand for SSL certificates, require advanced user or certificate management functions.

In a Managed PKI account, all requests are routed through one or more central account administrators. SSL certificate requests for a particular domain should only need to be sent to DigiCert initially, after which subsequent requests will be automatically approved by us after they are approved by your account administrator.

Who Doesn't Need SSL PKI? - Some organizations that request a large number of SSL certificates, in general, but only require one or two certificates per domain usually wouldn't benefit from the additional features of an MPKI account (unless structural or administrative requirements are better met by the user management functions of MPKI).

How Much Does it Cost? - Certificate pricing within a Managed PKI account is the same as our standard SSL certificate pricing. All MPKI account setup or per certificate discount options would need to be handled with a sales representative.

Users requiring certificates in bulk, whether for Managed PKI or otherwise, should contact us directly.

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