FAQ about Secure Sockets Layer

SSL Certificate Network Security FAQ

Why is SSL important?

Secure Socket Layers are critical for protecting private information. Every email that you send, every website that you visit, every piece of data that leaves your computer can be seen by more than just the intended recipient UNLESS IT IS SECURELY ENCRYPTED. SSL is the protocol or standard for internet security, and working without it is akin to leaving your car unlocked in a bad neighborhood.

How do SSL Certificates compare between companies?

The primary difference is in browser compatibility. Unlike DigiCert, some companies' certificates are not compatible with 99% of the browsers on the market today. Another issue is scalability. Some certificates require users to have 128-bit compliant browsers. All DigiCert Certificates are scalable. This means that if a customer can only handle a 40-bit encryption, the certificate can scale down to match the browsers ability.

What is required to get a Digital SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are available to any person or organization that desires one, assuming they have a domain name they desire to secure. If there is a business name involved, the person or organization can also receive a free site seal to verify their company's legality.

What is required to get a site seal?

In order to have a validated site seal, an organization must be a legitimate, legally formed company with documentation substantiating their legitimacy. This means a valid business license, and articles of incorporation if the company has been incorporated. These documents can either be scanned and emailed, or faxed directly to DigiCert. They will then be cross-checked with the records of the state in which the company is registered.

What if my server crashes? Do I need a new certificate?

When you install your certificate, you should make a backup copy of your certificate and private key to keep in a safe location. Saving your certificate to disk or CD-Rom will allow you to restore your certificate and private key in the event of a server crash. If you do not have a backup of your certificate and private key, don't worry. DigiCert offers free reissues for the lifetime of your certificate. To reissue your certificate, first generate a new CSR with the same settings as your original CSR. Then login to your DigiCert account and go to the Web-PKI Manager. You will see your order listed. Click the "Reissue" link to the side to submit the new CSR. Your new certificate will be emailed to you within about 10 minutes.

How long does it take to get a secure certificate?

If all is in order, less than two hours. If you order your certificate with your documentation on hand, the verification process should be a snap, and we can walk you through the process of generating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), which is the first step in getting your certificate.

How much does it cost to have a Web-PKI manager account?

The Web-PKI manager is FREE. An account login comes free with any purchase from DigiCert, and should enable you to much more rapidly order security products in the future.

How does the DigiCert site seal work?

The DigiCert site seal, when clicked on, opens a window to DigiCert's verification page. The variables passed in the seal, as well as the refering document (the website the seal is on) are processed against DigiCert's information; a valid certificate generates an Secure Site response. (Or, in the case of simple authenticity seals, an Authentic Site response is generated.)

Can everyone make a secure connection using DigiCert certificates?

Just about. DigiCert certificates are compatible with over 99.3% of the browsers on the internet today.

Can I get a certificate for multiple domain names?

Multiple domain names require multiple certificates, but you can register unlimited first-level subdomains with a DigiCert WildCard Certificate.

Why is DigiCert so much less expensive?

DigiCert's business model has been based on low prices from day one. We simply charge less - Get SSL Certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet SSL Security

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