DigiCert One 02-22-2023

What's in a Name? DigiCert ONE Managers for Digital Trust  

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As the leading provider of digital trust, DigiCert prioritizes trust as a core part of its identity. That’s why beginning this month, we’re changing the names of our DigiCert® ONE managers to emphasize their digital trust benefits.

You will continue to receive the many benefits you already enjoy from the market-defining features and benefits of the DigiCert ONE platform, with more to come from our ongoing innovation, based on your feedback.

Digital trust: an emerging strategic imperative 

Digital trust is what enables us to have confidence that the things we are doing online and in a connected world are secure. As today’s world is more connected than ever before, digital trust is not an organizational nice-to-have: it’s essential. Thus, we are continuing to expand our DigiCert ONE portfolio with our recently released DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager. Furthermore, we are changing product names to better reflect the value of what we bring to our customers: leading solutions for digital trust.

Digital trust reduces risk of business disruption, protects attack surfaces, improves agility and drives innovation. In the State of Digital Trust survey, 100% of enterprises said digital trust is important and two-thirds have switched vendors after losing trust in a vendor, while about half of consumers surveyed have stopped doing business with a company after losing confidence in its digital trust competency. 

Our product name changes reflect their ability to manage trust across the enterprise, in devices, users, code, documents and more. 

DigiCert® ONE managers name changes

We are renaming four products starting this month:

DigiCert IoT Trust Manager embeds and manages device identity at scale, supporting a broad range of certificate types and enrollment methods, meeting the diverse security needs and form factors of the connected device market.

DigiCert Embedded Trust Manager mitigates the complexities of managing security across the device lifecycle, allowing customers to avoid building complex in-house security applications.

DigiCert Software Trust Manager is a digital trust solution that protects the integrity of software across the software supply chain, reducing risk of code compromise, enforcing corporate and regulatory policy and delivering fine-grained key usage and access controls in code signing.

DigiCert Document Trust Manager enables organizations to obtain trusted, compliant digital signatures, electronic seals and timestamps that comply with regulations in the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland and many other countries around the world.

No functionality impact is expected except for with Software Trust Manager, for which customers will receive tailored emails about how this change may impact them. Additionally, we recommend checking your organization’s internal guides for references to DigiCert’s products and services and updating all mentions to the updated terms. 

DigiCert looks forward to working with you and being your trusted partner for everything related to digital trust. If you have questions about the changes, contact your account manager or DigiCert Support.

About DigiCert® ONE

DigiCert ONE, the platform for digital trust, provides organizations with centralized visibility and control over a broad range of public and private trust needs, securing websites, enterprise access and communication, software, identity, content and devices. DigiCert pairs its award-winning software with its industry leadership in standards, support and operations, and is the digital trust provider of choice for leading companies around the world. For more information, visit  www.digicert.com  or   follow @digicert.


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