Certificate Management 09-13-2016

Maximize Certificate Sales with the DigiCert Reseller Partner Account

Katie Macdonald

DigiCert partners can offer their customers high-assurance certificates and award-winning customer support—all while gaining residual benefits on customer purchases. Becoming a partner with a publicly trusted CA allows a company to offer a full line of certificates to their customers without taking on the burden of maintaining a CA or worrying about compliance, technicalities, or security issues. In addition to integrating DigiCert products into their own sales, partners can also choose to refer clients and then earn commission.

DigiCert not only ensures that managing Certificates is a simple process, but that selling certificates is also convenient and hassle-free. The following are resources within the DigiCert partner account to help partners maximize their partnerships with DigiCert and more conveniently sell SSL Certificates to clients.

Partner Program Assets to Help Advance Sales


DigiCert's REST API is a tool that provides secure certificate management, allowing administrators to automate the process of purchasing and deploying SSL Certificates seamlessly. Partner customers can purchase certificates through the REST API with the click of a button. With API features, administrators can also do the following:

  • Order certificates
  • Rekey/Reissue certificates
  • View order statuses
  • Reject certificates
  • Retrieve certificates

To activate the REST API, a partner must request it by email at resellers@digicert.com.

DigiCert Reseller Seal

The DigiCert Reseller Seal designates a company as an official DigiCert partner. This provides credibility and the expectation of high-assurance certificates. Therefore, when a company is partnered with a prominent CA like DigiCert, whose expertise is well-known and reliable, customers are more likely to purchase their SSL Certificates.

Referral Links

Referral order links allow partners to receive commission on certificate orders without getting involved in the ordering process. Partners can simply post an order link on their websites to earn commission on anything purchased through that specific link, and they can even email the order link to potential customers.

Marketing Materials

A variety of cobranded marketing materials are available to every partner account to encourage a partner's clients to buy SSL certificates from them. Depending on their customers' needs, partners will have access to the most relevant content—from datasheets with general information on SSL Certificates to articles outlining the numerous benefits of partnering with a devoted CA like DigiCert.

To gain access to these datasheets and other materials, contact our Reseller Partner team by email at resellers@digicert.com.


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