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DigiCert Security Summit 2022: Top Takeaways


DigiCert Security Summit is an annual gathering of the industry’s leading innovators and professionals to discuss the latest threats and best practices in digital security. 2022 marks Summit’s eighth year, and the second virtual year, with sessions on a range of topics important to digital trust.

Always Moving

This year’s theme was Always Moving, as trust in technology doesn’t start or end — it's always moving. Now, more than ever, we need to know the security behind our technology can be trusted to work every minute of every day, everywhere around the globe.

That trust needs to adapt, shift, evolve, grow and anticipate, because security can never rest in a world that’s always switched on. So whether you’re just getting started or you’re working to keep the engine running, the Security Summit gives you the tools to drive the security that ensures you’re always moving.

It's important to stay always moving, especially in today’s threat landscape. Security Summit addressed current trends and threats in cybersecurity, such as:

  • Acceleration of remote work and digital transformation: Deloitte reported that 77% of CEOs say the pandemic has accelerated their plans for digital transformation. Yet Gartner reports that 53% of organizations surveyed remain untested and uncertain in their digital transformation readiness. Companies are adopting zero-trust networks for secure remote access.
  • Heightened cyberattacks on critical infrastructure: Attacks on critical infrastructure, such as Colonial Pipeline and SolarWinds, have led to heightened focus from industry and governments on the need for digital trust for connected ecosystems.
  • Rapidly expanding attack surfaces: In 2021, the FBI reported an unprecedented increase in cyberattacks and malicious cyber activity in America, with ransomware and business email compromise as two of the top threats. Public and private trust management is essential.

Register now for access to sessions and training

You can view the sessions until the end of May 2022. If you haven’t done so, please register now to view Security Summit sessions. Over 1,200 participants registered and over 650 people attended the live broadcasts. There are over 20 breakout sessions and training available on-demand until the end of May. After May, Security Summit sessions will be available on

During the sessions we explored the latest security trends together and shared the valuable, practical knowledge you need to move your career forward and keep your company safe. DigiCert is also offering the opportunity for you to achieve Certification for TLS/SSL Professional Training and CertCentral Certification Trainings at no charge. Once registered, visit the Agenda tab in the navigation bar on the left and select the training for you.

5 sessions you don’t want to miss

Each session included great insights, so it’s hard to pick just a few. Alongside some of our own speakers, we heard from some of the world’s leading independent minds in cybersecurity, including Adam Savage, former co-host and executive producer of Discovery’s hit show Mythbusters, Pablos Holman, hacker and inventor, Brian Honan, CEO of BH Consulting, Nobuo Miwa, CEO of S&J, and more.

However, here are five sessions you don’t want to miss from DigiCert Security Summit 2022.

1. General session. In the opening general session, members of the DigiCert executive and product teams explore the present and future of our always moving digital security landscape — and show how automation and other DigiCert innovations will help keep you ahead of the security game. Then, renowned hacker, inventor, entrepreneur and futurist Pablos Holman expands the discussion with a provocative, optimistic vision of the future, including fascinating examples that show the immense potential of new technology to change our world for the better.

Part 2 of the opening general session dives deeper into the promise and potential of the entire DigiCert portfolio — and shows how DigiCert's technology infrastructure is evolving to meet the requirements of today’s always moving security landscape. Then, we close our general session on a high note with a fast-paced, engaging conversation with special effects designer, science educator and co-host of the popular TV show Mythbusters Adam Savage, who shares stories and insights from his long, fascinating and always moving life and career.

Additionally, here are four breakout sessions to start with:

2. Taking your Email Marketing to the Next Level with VMCs. When it comes to making your marketing emails stand apart from the crowd, Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) are a game changer. In this session, Senior Director of Business Development Dean Coclin looks at how VMCs boost the security and effectiveness of your email marketing efforts — and provides suggestions and best practices for obtaining, setting up and maximizing the use of VMCs.

3. Protecting Your Software Supply Chain with Code Signing. Over the past two years, headline-making software supply chain failures have caused serious damage to brands, reputations and bottom lines. In this session, Senior Product Manager Dave Roche walks through a forensic analysis of recent software supply chain failures, including the NVIDIA incident, and then outline proper supply chain controls. Dave also shares valuable information on the benefits of a signing book and managed signing solutions, provide valuable NIST insights, and discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in setting up a Software Bill of Materials.

4. Using Document Signing to Enable and Accelerate Your Digital Transformation. Digital transformation has become a core priority for nearly every organization, and pen-and-ink signatures have no place in a digital world. Attend this session to hear DigiCert’s Senior Director of Product Management Anthony Ricci share insights into how document signing can enable and accelerate your digital transformation efforts — and how DigiCert can help make document signing safe, practical and efficient for your business.

5. Building Automation into Every Part of Your Certificate Management Lifecycle. In the certificate management world, automation is the best antidote for complexity. In this session, DigiCert’s Senior Vice President of Product Brian Trzupek outlines the approach and technology framework you need to automate every aspect of your certificate lifecycle management, so you can always stay a step ahead of time-consuming and resource-draining complexity — no matter how fast your organization changes and grows.

To replay these sessions visit

If you have any questions about DigiCert Security Summit or want to know how to get involved next year, reach out to We’ll see you next year!

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