News 06-28-2023

DigiCert Enhances DigiCert® DNS Trust Manager Speeds with New Point of Presence in Atlanta

DNS Trust Manager Press Release

(Lehi, UT) June 28, 2023  – DigiCert, a leading global provider of digital trust, announced a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Atlanta, making DigiCert® DNS Trust Manager among the fastest DNS providers in North America and worldwide. The addition of the Atlanta PoP marks the 25th location for DigiCert DNS Trust Manager and significantly benefits Georgia and the Southeastern region of the United States by reducing latency and enhancing network performance. 

This new PoP is anticipated to become the primary connectivity point for the Southeastern region, complementing existing major traffic hubs in Ashburn, Virginia, and Miami. By leveraging this strategic location, DigiCert DNS aims to cut latency in the area by an average of 12 milliseconds (ms), leading to improved browsing experiences, faster data transfers and enhanced digital experiences.  

"We are thrilled to realize the performance gain from expanding our network infrastructure in Atlanta," said Steven Job, Senior Vice President of DigiCert DNS Trust Manager. "This PoP will handle significantly more traffic and improve connectivity to the region."

Georgia is a thriving hub for technology and e-commerce, with a population of more than 10.9 million and computer usage rate of 93%. Additionally, Georgia’s e-commerce generated $151.2 million in revenue in 2020. Furthermore, 86% of households in the state have broadband internet subscriptions, demonstrating the high demand for reliable and fast internet connectivity.

“We are continually innovating on DigiCert DNS Trust Manager to provide increasingly more reliable and efficient connectivity to users not only in the Southeastern region but around the globe,” said Job.

After the Atlanta PoP deployment, speeds have improved by more than 12ms 

Provider Speed Comparison (Georgia, USA): DigiCert DNS Trust Manager (DNS Made Easy) Ranked #1 5/31/23 - Source: PerfOps, a DigiCert brand

Georgia, USA Speeds Before: 15.56ms average 5/31/23 - Source: PerfOps

Georgia, USA Speeds After Improved 12ms  5/31/23 - Source: PerfOps

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