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Partner with DigiCert and build a flexible security solution that's customized for your customer.

A program for every solution

Increasing technological complexity requires more agile security solutions. Our partnership program is designed with flexibility and innovation in mind. We work individually with each partner to build the integration and marketing strategy best suited to your industry and the needs of your customers.

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Technology Integration Partners

The DigiCert Integration Partners with the technical and marketing resources necessary for developing and promoting interoperability with DigiCert products and solutions.

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Technology Solution Partners

Select DigiCert technology partners are invited to market integrated products and solutions through our network of direct and channel partner sales teams and a Technology Solutions Partner.

The Complete Package

To ensure fast stand-up times and robust backing, our partner program gives you more.

Integration support

Fast and seamless integration using DigiCert REST API integration architecture

Technical support

Access to test environments and experts to validate and demonstrate your integration

Marketing support

Bespoke marketing support for DigiCert Trust-enabled partners

Business development support

DigiCert investment in sales enablement support for Solution partners

Why partner with DigiCert?

DigiCert is more than just a Certificate Authority (CA). For two decades, DigiCert has been a world leader in PKI and IoT encryption, authentication and identity solutions. Our partners not only deliver best-of-breed security integrations, but also the proven history of trust attached to the DigiCert name.

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Market opportunity

Our solutions are poised to capture the generational opportunities of 5G, IoT and enterprise security markets

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Customer demand

Our customer base touches nearly every industry, region and technology

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Expanded capabilities and trust

Our ecosystem of integrations help our technology partners facilitate the highest level of trust and security for their customers

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Market leader

We are the #1 market leader, working with over 80% of the TBD

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Support your customers’ pathway to modern PKI

Encryption, authentication and identity are the backbone of smart technological design. That’s why we welcome partners from nearly every technology domain.

This diversity of uses requires a modern PKI solution, engineered for flexibility and scalability. Powered by DigiCert® ONE, our PKI managers deliver advanced security for a vast array of environments, verticals and industries. It’s proven technology, built to work effortlessly, anywhere you need trust.

DigiCert ONE powers PKI solutions for:


  • Chip manufacturers
  • Device manufacturers
  • Device Provisioning


  • Load balancers web servers
  • Server management


  • Individual signing
  • Mass signing
  • Regulated signing



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