The DigiCert® Partner Program for PKI and IoT Trust

Partner with the world
leader in PKI solutions

Deliver advanced encryption, authentication and
identity through the power of modern PKI.

Deploy the power of high assurance 

The world’s leader in PKI solutions delivers the highest assurance in encryption and identity through a partner program intelligently crafted to grow your business and increase your profitability.  

Solutions optimized to drive both resell and managed services revenue 

Significant partner discounts and guarantees on partner margins 

Partner-centric program backed by the DigiCert legacy of trust

PKI for any security deployment

Today’s public key infrastructure is not only secure, it’s highly scalable and flexible. That’s why it’s the foundation of any security solution. No matter the use, size or industry, DigiCert PKI should always be the first technology you reach for when building a security solution for your customer. 

IoT Security - DigiCert® Partner Program for Emerging Technologies

A partnership built for success 

Welcoming new partners with direct access to end customers, including:

Value-added Resellers

Delivers best in-class security solutions to IS decision makers in government, mid-market and large enterprises.

System Integrators

System-integrators seeking to design, implement and deploy solutions that can meet strict customer requirements in identity, authentication and encryption.

Service Providers

Managed Security Services Providers focused on delivering fast, flexible, and scalable security to end-customers as part of a high-margin services offering.

Experience trust

Trust is at the heart of strong security and identity. It’s not enough to simply encrypt. Users and organizations must believe that a security solution will work.  

This idea is so important to us, we’ve placed providing trust at the heart of everything we do. Trust isn’t only in our encryption, it’s in our support services, our business practices, and in our partnerships. We believe a strong security solution is only one part of our commitment to delivering the highest assurance.


Become a DigiCert PKI and IoT Trust partner 

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