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TLS/SSL Professional Services

TLS/SSL Professional Services by DigiCert provides superior certificate management consulting for businesses worldwide. Receive in-depth training and guidance on the implementation and management of your TLS/SSL solutions from the world leader in digital trust solutions. We deliver highly rated support that starts with employing the most reliable and scalable infrastructure to enhance your business security.

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TLS Health Check

We will scan your internal and/or public websites to detect TLS/SSL certificate risks and vulnerabilities.

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CertCentral API Consulting

Training, guidance and assistance by DigiCert experts to assist with custom integrations, high-performance, shorter TLS lifecycle installations, custom reporting - whatever you need. All functionality of CertCentral is available via APIs for maximum flexibility.

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Certificate Discovery

Service enabling the detection and monitoring of TLS/SSL certificates installed across an entire environment regardless of the issuing Certificate Authority. Our service uses an advanced hybrid deployment model to give you complete, integrated control over your TLS/SSL certificates.

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Certificate Automation

DigiCert CertCentral® Automation feature automates the process of installing, renewing, and replacing TLS/SSL certificates. From CSR generation to installation of the new certificates, certificate automation is becoming increasingly important. We provide training and guidance to help you set up a custom integration.

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Training & Workshops

We offer on-site or remote workshops covering DigiCert CertCentral TLS Manager and TLS/SSL Best Practices. In addition, students can choose to take the DigiCert Technical Certification exam to become certified in TLS/SSL or CertCentral.

PKI Professional Services

DigiCert provides leading PKI consulting worldwide. Our professional services draw from the entire DigiCert technical community and use the most reliable and scalable infrastructure. We deliver a cost-effective way to deploy PKI solutions for even the largest projects, like enterprise email, device & VPN security. Clients receive training and guidance from DigiCert experts to enhance the implementation of DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager and DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager. PKI services include:

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We’ll help you identify applicable PKI use cases and develop a system architecture needed to meet your use case requirements

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Software installation & integration

We’ll review your current infrastructure and assist in deploying PKI solutions

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Upgrades & transitioning services

Assistance with upgrading PKI software to the most updated version; transition from the legacy DigiCert PKI platform to the new DigiCert PKI platform

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Health check

DigiCert engineers will do a thorough assessment of your current PKI systems to determine how to optimize your security 

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API integration

DigiCert PKI Platform provides both SOAP & RESTful API integrations. We can support you in building a custom integration using the DigiCert Web Services API. 

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Platinum Client Support

DigiCert provides world-class solutions for securing your entire business environment and offers an enhanced experience with Platinum Support. In today’s dynamic world, organizations are focused on securing digital assets and communications within, and between, an organization and its customers. 

One of the key benefits of Platinum Support is a Client Manager—a single, personal point of contact at DigiCert for your organization. A Client Manager helps you build relationships between you and DigiCert and you’ll receive an even higher level of support.

For further information, please contact your DigiCert Account Manager or email

The benefits of going platinum are unmatched:

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Priority email and phone support

Faster response times and SLAs


Complete service delivery

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Maximized ROI over the life of the contract


Streamline your DigiCert security solutions

  • Client manager
    • A single, personal point of contact at DigiCert for your organization. Client Managers help you build relationships between you and DigiCert. You’ll receive custom support, faster response times, proactive information about service updates, and support escalation to make sure you receive the right level of service at the appropriate time.
  • Routine security meetings
    • You can discuss the use of services and open support cases, receive information about product roadmaps and upcoming industry changes, and make feature enhancement requests.
  • Renewal tracking
    • Monitoring certificate expiration dates is a key metric to track to avoid service disruption. Prior to the renewal date, your designated Client Manager will facilitate and support the renewal process if desired.
  • Customized alerts & support escalation
    • Your Client Manager will inform you of any planned outages that may affect our services. And, in case you have difficulties contacting the Support team, or receiving a status update, your Client Manager can escalate your request to the appropriate person.
  • Uptime reporting
    • You’ll receive a monthly report showing DigiCert’s service performance against committed SLA targets. The report highlights system availability (uptime) as well as the guaranteed uptime for Platinum Support customers.

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