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What is managed PKI?

What is Managed PKI?

Managed PKI refers to the management of digital certificates from a cloud-based solution such as DigiCert® CertCentral. With a digital certificate manager users can easily streamline the issuance, installation, remediation, renewal and automation of TLS/SSL certificates or other PKI certificates. DigiCert offers several solutions for managed PKI including DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager and DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager. Both PKI managers use a container-based, cloud-agnostic implementation that ensures fast and flexible on-premises, cloud and hybrid PKI deployments. These new offerings are built on the DigiCert ONE platform.

DigiCert IoT Trust Manager allows device manufacturers to:

  • provision and embed device identity at any stage of the device lifecycle, from the factory to device deployment on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid environments
  • simplify device identity, authentication, encryption and integrity with a single click
  • marry device data visualization with cryptographic, manufacturing and factory process data
  • support standards-based interoperability with many third-party manufacturing and provisioning systems.

DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager allows IT teams to:

  • seamlessly and transparently deploy identity, authentication and access to large user populations quickly and with little to no end-user interaction
  • have flexibility in deployment models, supporting customer deployments in private or public cloud, air-gapped environments, or completely managed by DigiCert
  • customize certificates and tailor deployments to their infrastructure and needs; and
  • manage out-of-the-box and create custom CA hierarchies.

In addition to our PKI management solutions, we offer Professional Services which include leading PKI consulting worldwide for your organization from our expert PKI staff. We deliver cost-effective managed PKI solutions for even the largest projects, like enterprise email, device & VPN security. Clients receive training and direction from our experts to enhance the implementation of DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager and DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager.

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