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What is IoT Device Identity Lifecycle Management?

IoT Device Identity Lifecycle Management is how internet-connected devices are controlled and managed by receiving a unique digital identity. When an IoT device is first manufactured and issued it receives a unique ID bound to a PKI certificate to keep it secure. This prevents malicious actors from gaining control of the device when it connects to a central server or gateway. All IoT devices can be easily managed with the new DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager.

What is IoT Device Authentication?

IoT device authentication is the method of building trust into connected devices by only allowing authorized devices or users to access IoT devices by giving each IoT device a unique I.D. and using digital certificates to secure them.


What is IoT Device Identity Management?

IoT device identity management involves securing internet-connected devices by giving them unique IDs tied to cryptographic keys.

What is IoT Device Security?

IoT device security entails the use of digital certificates or PKI to create unique IDs to manage and control device access.