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  • Smart Seal
    • Improve conversion rates with the dynamic DigiCert Smart Seal, a modernized trust seal from the world's leading Certificate Authority.
  • Priority validation
    • Get your certificate faster. With priority validation, you go to the front of the line so you’re not waiting for your certificate.
  • DigiCert CertCentral®
    • The best certificate demands the best management tool. Discover, order, issue, revoke, renew, automate, delegate and report on all certificates across your networks.
  • Malware scan
    • Get convenient access to a VirusTotal malware check. Quickly analyze your public domains with 70 plus antivirus scanners and URL/domain blocklist services.

DigiCert Secure Site
TLS/SSL Certificate

DigiCert Secure Site EV TLS/SSL Certificate


DigiCert Secure Site Pro TLS/SSL Certificate

Highest authentication & brand protection

Standard support

Priority validation 

Priority validation 

Priority validation 

Compatible with all major browsers

Secures both &

Able to secure unlimited subdomains with multi-domain option

Unlimited option

Unlimited option

Unlimited option

Wildcard SANs available for additional cost, starting at $2029 per SAN

Up-to 5 SANs (see price in cart)

Up-to 5 SANs (see price in cart)

CertCentral Manager App in Service Now

PCI Compliance Scan


$1.75 million

$1.75 million

$2 million

CertCentral Basic account

Included, Enterprise option available

Included, Enterprise option available

Included, Enterprise option available

Base Price




Multi-year plan savings (see cart for annual pricing)
  • Save $48 for 2-Year Plan
    • Save $121 for 3-Year Plan
    • Save $48 for 2-Year Plan
    • No Savings for 1-Year Plan
  • Save $112 for 2-Year Plan
    • Save $280 for 3-Year Plan
    • Save $112 for 2-Year Plan
    • No Savings for 1-Year Plan
  • Save $121 for 2-Year Plan
    • Save $302 for 3-Year Plan
    • Save $121 for 2-Year Plan
    • No Savings for 1-Year Plan
Technical specifications
  1. X.509 format certificate meets software & industry standards
  2. Symmetric 256-bit encryption
  3. Unlimited server licensing 
  4. Support 2048 bit public key encryption 
  5. Free reissues and replacement for the lifetime of the certificate

Need European data sovereignty and residency?

Announcing DigiCert® CertCentral Europe, our globally popular certificate lifecycle manager is now able to provide European customers with data sovereignty and data residency for TLS certificates and critical validation information.

Multi-year plan

Secure coverage for your website and get access to these benefits:


Instant savings

Consistent coverage

Simplified validation and installation

Choose the certificate trusted to secure 81% of global e-commerce transactions

Our high-assurance TLS/SSL certificates are the standard of digital trust across the globe. 80% percent of the Global 2000 and 97% of the world’s largest banks are secured by EV & OV certificates issued by DigiCert.

Prove you’re serious about protecting your online business

Extended Validation (EV) certificates offer the ultimate level of brand protection by guarding your website against potential imposters and fully authenticating your company’s name. EV certificates are recommended by industry leaders and regulators worldwide and are the standard for the world’s largest and most trusted brands.

Looking for Multi-domain or Wildcard certificates?

Any DigiCert TLS/SSL certificate can now be configured as a Multi-domain or Wildcard certificate. Add SANs or Wildcard SANs as needed.

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