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Digital Trust is More than a Certificate: Manage it More Easily with DigiCert® Platinum Support

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In today’s dynamic world, organizations are focused on securing digital assets, including vital and confidential customer information, as well as communications within and between an organization and its customers. How an organization handles its digital trust or builds a foundation for securing confidence in digital interactions has a direct impact on both the top and bottom line. Managing digital trust with best practices protects the bottom line from digital threats and adds to the top line by reducing customer churn due to loss of trust. The 2022 State of Digital Trust Survey showed that almost half of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after losing confidence in its digital trust competency.

As the leading provider of digital trust, DigiCert provides world-class solutions for securing customers’ entire environment. With DigiCert, customers get more than just a certificate — they get the tools they need to manage digital trust. Our customers choose us for our expertise, innovative products and high-quality and technical customer support. One of the best ways to access our expertise is through DigiCert® Platinum Support. This post will cover the benefits of Platinum Support and why our existing customers are using it.

Dedicated Platinum Client Manager

Platinum Support is our enhanced experience that pairs preferential service levels with a Platinum Client Manager (PCM); a dedicated point of contact to help you achieve success with your digital trust initiatives. The PCM will bring together DigiCert’s deep knowledge and expertise in industry standards, compliance and certificate lifecycle management best practices. Acting as a trusted advisor and advocate, the PCM can help provide proactive account management through specific events, like migration or compliance efforts, in addition to continuous oversight and adaptation to change over time.

Customers choose to use Platinum Support for strategic planning, incident resolution, project coordination, access to the partner lab environment and priority service levels.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning brings together deep knowledge of the customer’s enterprise environment with regular communication about product roadmaps, new features, industry compliance changes, and account service levels and utilization. PCMs draw on DigiCert’s leadership in the 15+ security and industry standards bodies that are defining digital trust for their members and regions. PCMs are skilled in audit discovery and management and can map industry changes in compliance standards to customer operations.

Furthermore, every month, the PCM will provide updates on account usage, product releases, industry updates and DigiCert maintenance schedules to further help with strategic planning on the account.

Project coordination

PCMs offer project coordination for account objectives such as migration, new feature adoption and standing up new CAs or implementing custom certificates. If customers are undergoing specific events like migration of systems or product adoption, then project coordination can be tailored to the needs of the customer. The PCM will also engage with DigiCert cross-functional teams as needed to further project coordination.

Incident resolution

In the event of an incident, customers with Platinum Support have a single point of contact for monitoring, escalating and delivering post-incident updates with a root cause analysis. Furthermore, our PCMs are tightly connected with our support and validation teams and have a comprehensive grasp of incident impact and industry changes on client environments. PCMs are able to rapidly engage appropriate resources across DigiCert internal functional groups in order to drive optimal outcomes.

Partner lab environment

Platinum Support customers also gain access to DigiCert testing environments for evaluating new features and product releases or undertaking POC testing for new use cases. This allows customers to create test accounts to assess features before rollout.

Priority service levels

Furthermore, Platinum Support customers receive the highest service levels for availability, delivery and response, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what customers are saying about Platinum Support:

“Due to the structure of our Geocerts Team we regularly reach out to the Platinum Partner Support team from all of your offices and want you to know all the team members are doing an excellent job. Hats off to the Platinum Partner Support Team members! They represent DigiCert very professionally and their help to us makes it easier for us to give our customers excellent customer support.”

“All of the team members have strived to offer the very best service, with transparency at every step. We are very grateful for all of the work that has gone in to make this project the success it has been.”

“This was our last biweekly service review call of 2022. As per all previous calls this was extremely well structured and well handled by [our PCM]. All open items were updated, and this call in particularly gave us a very good platform to raise other items”

In sum, with Platinum Support, enterprises get client-focused communication, incident response and oversight of project initiatives. Whether organizations are undergoing mission-critical operations, adopting a new product, undergoing changes to maintain compliance or needing specialized queues for faster response times, Platinum Support offers the exact tools a customer needs to drive success with digital trust initiatives.

To take your support to the next level with DigiCert® Platinum Support, contact your account manager or email sales@digicert.com.  


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