DigiCert to Deliver Enhanced Security for Plex Customers

DigiCert will ensure that all connections between Plex media servers, client apps, and cloud services are safe and secure


LEHI, UT (June 4, 2015) — DigiCert, a leading global Certificate Authority and provider of trusted identity and authentication services, has partnered with Plex, the leading personal media streaming solution, to provide publicly trusted certificates to enhance security for all Plex media streaming and cloud services. DigiCert’s SSL/TLS Internet of Things (IoT) solution will allow Plex to provide end-to-end security for tens of millions of Plex media servers and clients.


“With the rapid expansion of supported devices and significant user growth, security is a top priority for Plex,” said Plex Chief Product Officer Scott Olechowski. “Times have changed. To adapt, we are rolling out DigiCert encryption and security to every server and client. This will counteract possible attacks, hacks, or snooping and provide all of our users with the trusted ‘green lock’ for each of their devices and platforms.”


The security provided by DigiCert to Plex and their customers will be one of the largest implementations of publicly trusted certificates to date. DigiCert and Plex will be utilizing existing PKI technologies and SSL/TLS encryption to create a scalable, secure solution to protect the communications between Plex-enabled devices.


“By partnering with DigiCert, Plex is providing customers with additional peace of mind with layers of security that go beyond today’s industry norm,” said DigiCert CSO Jason Sabin. “Each Plex Media Server will now get its own unique, high-assurance SSL Certificate, enabling the client to securely browse and play back content using the strongest encryption available. Users simply sign in and safely connect to their media no matter where they are.”


Plex selected DigiCert based on its proven ability to deliver custom, innovative, and scalable solutions for securing IoT devices and to integrate with existing management platforms. The complex nature of the deployment requires a unique digital certificate and private key for each individual streaming media server. Plex will benefit from DigiCert’s large-scale IoT certificate deployment and provisioning platform.


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Plex is a sophisticated media streaming solution that allows you to easily organize all of your videos, music and photos in one beautiful interface and stream them to all of your screens, including your computer, smartphone, tablet, Xbox, Playstation, Smart TV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, and more. Plex also enhances your media libraries by automatically adding rich metadata and related content like album covers, music videos, movie posters, movie trailers, plot summaries and more. Plex even lets you share your personal media libraries with your friends and family. For more information, visit https://plex.tv, or follow at @plexapp on Twitter® or Facebook®.


DigiCert is a premier, trusted provider of enterprise security solutions with an emphasis on authentication and encryption via managed PKI and high-assurance digital certificates for enterprise and the Internet of Things. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, DigiCert is trusted by more than 115,000 of the world’s leading government, finance, healthcare, education, and Fortune 500® organizations. DigiCert has been recognized with dozens of awards for providing enhanced customer value, premium customer service, and market growth leadership. For the latest DigiCert news and updates, visit digicert.com , like DigiCert on Facebook® or follow @digicert on Twitter®.



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