DigiCert adds Plus feature to single-name, EV, and WildCard certificates

Plus feature improves flexibility and compatibility

(April 1, 2007) — A new “Plus” feature has been added to all DigiCert single-name, EV, and WildCard certificates to further improve compatibility. The new “Plus” feature means different things for different certificates:


For Single-Name and EV Certificates – All DigiCert Single-Name and EV certificates are now designed to authenticate to the domain name with and without the leading “www.” Previously, certificates were only issued to work with the “www.” or without it, but not both ways. With the new “Plus” feature, your Single-Name or EV certificate will work seamlessly, regardless of whether or not your visitors include “www.” in the URL.


For Wildcard Certificates – The plus feature includes the base domain (“example.com” in a certificate issued to “*.example.com”), overcoming a flaw in traditional wildcard certificates. WildCard Plus also allows for compatibility for Windows Mobile 5, which does not otherwise accept the “*” character that is basic to the syntax of Wildcard Certificates. Server administrators have the ability to include specific subdomains in their Wildcard certificates, which provides a method of name authentication that is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.


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