DigiCert Code Signing Certificates Now Available

DigiCert, Inc. offers code signing certificates to digitally validate software or applications.

LINDON, UT (February 24, 2011) — DigiCert, Inc., a leading provider of Authentication & Encryption services, announces the official release of code signing certificates. These certificates can be used to authenticate software and application publishers as trusted individuals and organizations as well as protect end users from running altered or modified program code.

“DigiCert’s code signing certificates validate our organization’s solutions to customers, which is extremely important for us,” says Brian Walter, Director of Information Technology and Product Operations at iovation. iovation provides solutions that help companies identify trustworthy site visitors to reduce online fraud. Their solutions determine the risk level of online transactions by checking against the largest database of devices that have been used to access the Internet.

“As a provider of online fraud protection solutions, our customers need to know they can trust us and our products. Using DigiCert’s code signing certificates provides our customers with that security which helps to protect our relationships with them,” Walter said.

When users install programs on their computers, they are often asked if they trust the publisher before proceeding. If the publisher has a code signing certificate, their validated organization name will be displayed instead of an unknown or untrusted source. Code signing certificates can be used to digitally sign any program code, distributed online or via a physical disk, and validate the provider as a trusted and legitimate entity.

DigiCert code signing certificates are compatible with Microsoft, Java, Apple, and Adobe applications with prices starting as low as $178 per year. Code signing certificate support is available for all four applications.

For questions regarding code signing certificates or any of DigiCert’s products, please contact our support team by phone at 1-800-896-7973 or send an email to support@digicert.com.