DigiCert Launches Free SSL Certificate Discovery Tool

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LINDON, UT (April 26, 2012) — DigiCert, Inc., an online security provider for many of the most recognized brands and websites in the world, today launched the DigiCert SSL Discovery Tool. Available to anyone free of charge, the web-based application scans an organization’s network to locate SSL certificates deployed across several departments and business units, regardless of which Certificate Authority (CA) issued the certificate. The DigiCert SSL Discovery Tool is designed to help busy IT professionals save time and money, and avoid costly mistakes from manual inventory. A shutdown caused by an unforeseen certificate expiration on a critical server could significantly disrupt business and even lead to compliance issues.


Many medium to large enterprises may have hundreds, if not thousands, of certificates deployed at any given time. Businesses that choose to employ enterprise solutions such as DigiCert’s Enterprise Managed PKI products, may simplify SSL certificate management through centralization. However, in the case of organizations without a centralized approach – or even with some companies that employ enterprise management – the deployment of just one outlier certificate from another certificate provider can go unnoticed and potentially wreak havoc.


“Over time, with organizational growth and increasing use of cloud IT and mobile integration, some SSL certificates can fall through the cracks,” said DigiCert CEO Nicholas Hales. “The DigiCert SSL Discovery Tool simplifies the task of controlling large deployments of SSL certificates from multiple authorities across diverse platforms, giving administrators the tools they need at their fingertips to avoid SSL downtime and maximize certificate value.”


The DigiCert SSL Discovery Tool streamlines certificate management and eases renewal by allowing administrators to sign up for e-mail alerts seven and 30 days prior to expiration, regardless of which CA issued the certificate. For DigiCert customers, they may take advantage of integration with the company’s client account tools for one-stop certificate renewals. Free and simple to install, anyone can get the Discovery Tool by entering their information at digicert.com. After that, a registrant receives an e-mail with a link to download the application and an activation code to get it running.


“Certificate management and tracking, especially for those companies using more than one CA for their security needs, can be difficult,” said Richard Martinez, research analyst for Frost & Sullivan. “DigiCert’s SSL Discovery Tool is yet another value-added service and a continuation of a customer-friendly approach that has earned the company ‘best in class’ status for offering customer value enhancement.”


DigiCert is the recognized leader in flexible, high-assurance SSL certificates and award-winning customer support. The DigiCert SSL Discovery Tool is the latest in a series of SSL deployment web applications and trainings provided by the company for use by anyone, free of charge.


Jeff Chandler
DigiCert, Inc.
P: 801.701.9653
E: jeff.chandler@digicert.com


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