DigiCert Announces Secure Site, the Most Feature-Rich TLS Certificate Solution

Customers benefit from DigiCert’s market-leading SSL/TLS technology, with priority access to global validation and display of the world’s most recognized website trust mark.

LEHI, Utah – (September 27, 2018) DigiCert, Inc., the world’s leading provider of SSL/TLS and PKI solutions, today launched DigiCert Secure Site, an advanced TLS solution for organizations requiring world-class infrastructure, global support and leading product features.

Secure Site puts customers at the front of the line with every aspect of their certificates including access to the industry’s most advanced and evolving global PKI infrastructure, priority entry to global validation and support in multiple languages, and early use of new features when available. Secure Site provides the peace-of-mind from a global support network at anytime, anywhere in the world, and added user confidence when displaying the world’s most identifiable website trust mark.

“DigiCert Secure Site combines the market’s most feature-rich TLS certificate with the nimble architecture of CertCentral to provide the industry’s fastest certificate issuance and secure page loads, and access to multilingual support and validation anywhere, anytime,” said DigiCert CEO John Merrill. “Secure Site is built for customers looking to simplify digital certificate management while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from a strong support network ready to provide expert assistance whenever they need it.”

Secure Site certificate customers gain access to the award-winning DigiCert CertCentral® platform to centralize and streamline the TLS certificate management process. The console features a central repository where administrators quickly and easily can view all certificates to maximize certificate management efficiency.

Key Secure Site features include:

  • Access to best-in-class, award-winning CertCentral® certificate management platform: Customers may use the console to quickly and easily view all certificates and manage orders, renewals, revocations and other needs to maximize certificate management efficiency.
  • Display the world’s most recognized website trust mark: Significantly increases the confidence an organization’s customers have in its website, thereby reducing customer drop-off.
  • Priority validation queue: A customer’s order will be brought to the front of the line to receive certificates as fast as possible.
  • Priority support queue: Customers receive access to prioritized support lines with concierge phone, email and chat support.
  • Industry-leading warranties: Secure Site TLS Certificates include warranties to protect an organization and its customers – a $1.75M Netsure Protection Warranty for the DigiCert customer, and a $2M aggregate Relying Party Warranty for its customers. The Netsure warranty protects in the event that a certificate-related failure causes an organization damage or financial loss.
  • Automated authenticity checks: DigiCert’s state of the art authentication infrastructure has been built to automate the tedious tasks in the validation process and provide customers with the most streamlined check in the industry.
  • Root Ubiquity: DigiCert owns the industry’s most ubiquitous roots and customers can take advantage of that for global trusted communications.

Soon, DigiCert will add a blacklist check/malware scanning feature that will continuously monitor a customer’s web pages and check against a worldwide blacklist database to protect against malicious software.

Said Merrill, “Secure Site is just the first of our efforts to combine the best of DigiCert with the functionality and features our Website Security customers have demanded to move the industry forward and serve our customers with various solutions that meet their business needs. We are excited about how Secure Site can make deploying and managing a global digital certificate infrastructure easier for our customers.”

For more information on Secure Site, please visit https://www.digicert.com/secure-site-ssl/.

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