DigiCert Receives Distinguished Federal PKI Certification

DigiCert approved by federal government to issue digital certificates


DigiCert, Inc. to issue digital certificates that encrypt sensitive data and authenticate identities for federal agencies.


LINDON, UT (March 29, 2012) — DigiCert, Inc., an online security provider for many of the most recognized brands and websites in the world, received certification from The Federal PKI Policy Authority (FPKIPA) to issue digital certificates to federal agencies requiring data encryption and identity authentication services. DigiCert’s digital certificates are now cross-certified with the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA), certifying trust for any certificates issued by DigiCert to federal agencies.


This certification also allows DigiCert’s partners and other organizations collaborating with federal agencies to trust DigiCert certificates for authentication and encrypted data across various levels of assurance. Sensitive government information, such as prototype information, health records, financial data, or private communications, for example, can all be communicated within a secure environment.


“Securing sensitive information exchanged over the Internet remains a top priority for the federal government,” said FPKI Policy Authority Chair Deborah Gallagher. “We’re pleased to welcome DigiCert as an approved Certificate Authority under the PIV-I program, authorized to issue trusted certificates at multiple levels of assurance to federal agencies and the organizations that work closely with the federal government.”


To date, only a few Certificate Authorities have been approved by the FPKIPA’s stringent requirements. “DigiCert is proud to be certified by the FPKIPA,” says Scott Rea, VP of Government and Education Relations at DigiCert. “By earning this certification, we will be able to magnify our support of our federal clients and their business partners in their missions to enhance online security.”


The mission of the FPKIPA is to enforce digital certificate standards for trusted identity authentication across the federal agencies and between federal agencies and outside bodies, such as universities, state and local governments and commercial entities. In accordance with this mission, the FPKIPA established the FBCA to simplify the transfer of sensitive information by accepting certificates for transactions.


For questions about any of DigiCert’s certificates, please contact our award-winning support team by calling toll free to 1-800-896-7973 or send an email to support@digicert.com.


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