Brady Bloxham

Founder and
Managing Partner
Silent Security Break

Brady Bloxham has been on the leading edge of information security for nearly 15 years. Brady started his career working for various three-letter agencies, where he earned multiple awards for intelligence gathered in conducting network cyber operations. Brady is a serial entrepreneur and in 2011, he founded Silent Break Security, a leading provider of red teaming, security research, training, and identifying new and creative ways to help customers better defend against real-world attacks. In 2015, Brady founded Phish Threat, a security awareness testing and training product that was later sold to Sophos in 2016. He currently works as the CEO of Silent Break Security where he enjoys providing training and speaking at DEFCON, Black Hat, DerbyCon, RUXCON, and other security conferences and trainings across the world. Brady received a BS in Information Systems from the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University, and a Masters in Information Assurance at Idaho State University.