Timothy Hollebeek

Industry Liason

Timothy Hollebeek has more than 15 years of computer security experience, including eight years working on innovative security research funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. He has been heavily involved in encryption and key management with work on full disk encryption, file/folder encryption, email encryption, Point-to-Point encryption (P2PE) for credit card numbers, financial key management, and certificate authorities.

Tim continues to be actively involved in standards organizations, including ASC X9, regularly representing Trustwave on the X9F4 and X9F6 groups. As part of those efforts, he was heavily involved in the creation of X9.119 part 1, the new standard for P2PE and the 2016 update to X9.24 part 1. He is also the working group chair for the new X9.24 part 3, which updates the Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) algorithm to use modern cryptographic methods, and the five year update to X9.111, “Penetration Testing within the Financial Services Industry.” He also represents Trustwave at the CA/Browser forum and on the CA Security Council.

Tim holds a BA from Calvin College, and spent four years researching highly efficient algorithms for detailed simulations of small molecule reactions while working on a PhD at Princeton University.