Improve online security and search rankings
with HTTPS across your site.

Always-On SSL (AOSSL) turns on HTTPS everywhere to give users a constant, encrypted connection online, not just when they are on login or checkout pages. Users trust secured sites and major search engines even improve rankings for pages secured by SSL.

AOSSL for SEO Agencies

Protect your business and your users from data theft through hijacking or sidejacking by securing all of your traffic with SSL.


AOSSL for Marketers

Gain SEO benefits and increase user trust and site-wide engagement by implementing HTTPS everywhere on your site.


AOSSL for IT Admins

Protect your business and your users from data theft through hijacking or sidejacking by securing all of your traffic with SSL.


What is HTTPS Everywhere?

Always-On SSL (AOSSL) is using HTTPS across your entire site to protect all data a user accesses or transfers online. Currently, most sites only use SSL to secure pages where sensitive data is passed, like login credentials or credit card numbers. This causes the user to bounce between HTTPS and HTTP sessions, even after they have logged in, leaving much of the information a user sees online exposed to third parties and other malicious users online.

Using SSL only on secure information page for encryption is not enough to combat today’s threats. New methods of hijacking and eavesdropping unencrypted sessions make it easier than ever to steal your users’ information.

Persistent SSL connections online ensures that all pages, cookies, and sessions are secure and that all user data is safe, no matter what page they are on. Using HTTPS everywhere on your site helps ensure that user connections online are totally and completely secure.

Proven to Increase Conversion and Create Customer Confidence

Regardless of the type of site or hosting company, DigiCert SSL Certificates are designed to meet your needs. DigiCert certificates meet all specifications for online security and trust making your site more visible to search engines and trusted by users online.

For the very best in trust and user confidence, DigiCert Extended Validation (EV) certificate are proven to increase customer trust and confidence online. EV certificates were specifically created to boost and maintain user confidence through a rigorous validation process and specific, EV-only browser trust indicators like the green address bar. EV certificates work in a variety of scenarios but are best for websites with a single domain.

In addition to Google’s recently announced SEO rank boost for SSL-secured sites, DigiCert recommends using HTTPS everywhere as a security best practice and is supported by many standards bodies, including the Online Trust Alliance and the Internet Engineering Task Force. Many large enterprises have adopted HTTPS everywhere online including, Microsoft, Facebook, PayPal, and Twitter.

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Wildcard SSL

Total Domain Protection

  • $625 per year
  • Secures entire website
  • Issued in minutes
  • 30-Day Guarantee
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Trusted Green Bar

  • $284 per year
  • Highest visitor trust
  • 60-Day Guarantee
  • Increased conversion rates
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SSL Plus

Fast & Economical

  • $188 per year
  • Secures a single domain
  • Issued in minutes
  • 30-Day Guarantee
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Resource Kit

Data Sheet: The Benefits of Always-On SSL

This datasheet gives resellers a quick overview of the benefits of Always-On SSL, including how it can help you and how it can help your customers.

Quick Start Guide: Migrating Your Site to Always-On SSL

This quick start guide is for resellers to pass along to their customers. This guide outlines how to set up Always-On SSL on your own Website, including top tips for easily migrating your environment.

Email Template: The Benefits of Using Always-On SSL

This email template is for resellers to use in contacting their customers about Always-On SSL and the benefits to data security and customer privacy by using SSL for online sites and services.