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Certificate Management

How are digital certificates managed?

How are Digital Certificates Managed?

Digital certificates are managed either individually and manually or through a certificate management tool like DigiCert® CertCentral or DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager. Digital security experts recommend managing digital certificates for websites and servers with a tool like CertCentral, or for IoT devices, emails, documents, users and more with DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager. Both can be configured to help you discover and track all the certificates in your environment, so you don’t mismanage your security and incur a lapse or lost certificate.

Digital certificates are often managed by individual website owners or IT employees for an organization that have received permission and authorization to issue them. The employee must go through the validation process conducted by the issuing Certificate Authority if they are requesting either an OV (Organization Validated) or EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate. The validation process entails a background check of sorts on the organization and requestor, to ensure the identity and integrity of the brand’s website and servers. After a TLS certificate has been issued, then the manager must ensure that it’s properly installed, monitored, tracked, renewed and reissued as necessary.

How are TLS/SSL Certificates managed?

TLS/SSL Certificates ensure that the sensitive user data on websites remains encrypted and secure while in transit. SSL certificates are managed individually or through a certificate management platform like DigiCert® CertCentral. To access and use CertCentral all you need to do is purchase a SSL certificate from DigiCert. Users can manually manage their certificates or set up automation from tools that are hosted, agent-based or sensor based.