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Certificate Management

How do you automate certificate management?

How do you Automate Certificate Management?

DigiCert offers several ways to automate certificate management depending on the size of your organization. From CertCentral APIs and ACME URLs to our proprietary Automation Manager, choose from the following options to automate certificate management:

ACME Directory URLs – Get certificate-level automation for Extended Validation (EV) and Organization Validated (OV) certificates. Manage multiple ACME clients, running on Windows or Linux so you can efficiently automate certificate delivery regardless of the quantity of certificates you’re managing. Improve the security of using ACME in your network through our CertCentral discovery sensors. The sensor is an extra layer of security, ensuring the ACME client doesn’t directly speak to an unsecure third party.

CertCentral APIs - CertCentral allows for direct integration between DigiCert tools and your system or platform of choice, providing you with the ideal solution for your environment. The DigiCert REST API provides a secure and simple path for administrators to manage the certificate lifecycle and automate the process of purchasing and deploying SSL certificates across their network.

Managed Automation - Managed Automation is a service that delivers hands-free certificate enrollment, installation, and renewals. Managed Automation streamlines certificate lifecycle management and reduces the risk of business disruption caused by certificate expirations or human error. CertCentral® Managed Automation’s rich feature set gives TLS and security administrators fine-grained control over certificate automation and is delivered through a self-governing infrastructure that minimizes maintenance and ensures integrity of operations.