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Certificate Management

What is a certificate manager?

What is a Certificate Manager?

A Certificate Manager like DigiCert® CertCentral helps organizations track, issue, install, discover, monitor, remediate, replace and automate all the public TLS/SSL certificates that are issued for their environments including: web domains, servers and email. It gives you total visibility and control over all your cryptographic assets. Certificate Managers are essential to scaling your business’ digital security and keeping it organized and secure. Without a certificate manager, manually tracking your certificates (example via spread sheets) is much more difficult and does not scale.

Within our certificate manager CertCentral, users can manage their certificate purchases, track orders and expiration dates, discover all certificates issued for their domains or servers, and scan for certificate issues like the Heartbleed bug or POODLE and replace vulnerable certificates right from a single dashboard. Certificates are tracked by orders, requests, domains, organizations, expiring certificates and the issuing Certificate Authority. CertCentral also gives you tools like our SSL installation tool or CSR generator. In addition, the main page of CertCentral includes the latest news related to TLS/SSL certificate products and CA/Browser Forum rules regarding certificate lifetimes and issuance.


Why is Certificate Management Important?

Certificate Management is important because our world is growing increasingly reliant on the internet and digital interactions and communication. Most of these digital systems and communications are secured by TLS/SSL certificates or other types of digital certificates. Consequently, a single expired or untracked certificate could cause major issues or an outage for your organization’s website, software program, application, or email system, and be financially costly or put sensitive data at risk. Certificate Management also plays a crucial role in scaling your digital security and keeping it organized.