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What are client

What are Client Certificates?

Client Certificates are digital certificates that identify and validate individual email senders. They are also known as Personal ID certificates, but the technical name for them is S/MIME certificates. Client certificates allow organizations to authorize or block access to apps, websites, databases and devices. They also allow individuals to sign and encrypt messages they send and receive.

What are the Benefits of Email Encryption?

Email is still one of the most used forms of communication among colleagues and individuals, despite the rise in other forms of communication like text messaging, instant messaging and social networking. Email encryption converts the contents of emails into code and protects sensitive information by ensuring your messages remain private and are not viewable or modified by an unintended audience during transit. Encryption also ensures the integrity of the messages you send.

Who would Benefit from Encrypted Email?

Everyone benefits from encrypted emails. From individuals, to businesses, organizations and governments. Encrypted emails mean your messages remain secure and private.