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What are site seals
or trust marks?

What are Site Seals or Trust Marks?

Site Seals, also known as Trust Marks, are images that can be placed on a website to convey that the site is secure. These marks usually display the logo of the trust authority, often a technology security company, that provides the security validation. Site seals can be static or animated and may incorporate a "splash" or "information" page with details about the validated organization. Examples of site seals are the DigiCert Smart Seal, Norton Secured Seal, and Better Business Bureau's Business Accredited Seal.

Why are Site Seals Important?

Site seals are important because they provide a visual indicator that a website is protected by a TLS/SSL certificate. Additionally, site seals verify that a website is authentic, legitimate and can be trusted. Site seals are provided by Certificate Authorities as a security badge that can be added to your website to prove your website’s encryption and brand security.

How can Site Seals Increase Trust?

Site Seals can increase trust by providing visual proof of a website’s encryption and identity protection via a TLS/SSL certificate. Site seals are a badge of trust provided by Certificate Authorities or other organizations which validate the website they’re displayed on is trusted.