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What Type of SSL
Certificates do Educational Institutions Use?

What Type of SSL Certificates do Educational Institutions Use?

Educational Institutions of all types—from elementary schools to major universities throughout the world—trust DigiCert to provide the TLS/SSL encryption they need. You can offer peace of mind to your faculty, staff, and students, at an exceptional price. Two types of certificates in particular appeal to our educational clients: Wildcard and Multi-Domain Certificates.

Wildcard TLS/SSL Certificates allow you to meet your budget by securing unlimited subdomains. Feel free to utilize the certificate on as many servers as your organization has. The flexibility of a wildcard certificate makes it our most popular product, as a certificate issued to *.example.edu will secure mail.example.edu, registration.example.edu, bookstore.example.edu, and any other subdomain of example.edu you need.

Our Wildcard product includes one thing other companies don't: you can secure the entire domain. Other companies' wildcard certificates don't secure the base domain itself. So, if you bought a certificate for *.example.edu, you could secure any subdomain of example.edu, but you couldn't secure example.edu itself. DigiCert Wildcard SSL Certificates use Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to make sure your Wildcard certificate secures the entire domain -- and that includes the base domain itself. Want more information? Please visit our Wildcard SSL page for more details.
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Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates (sometimes called SAN Certificates because they are built on the use of Subject Alternative Names) are very popular because of their flexibility on what types of names they can secure. Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates can secure up to 25 names, whether they are all from the same base domain or from 25 different base domains -- or even internal names that aren't a part of any base domain. For example, with a Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate, you can secure mail.example.edu, mail.example.com, mail.com, and any other public name you might need. Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates were designed for Microsoft Exchange Servers, but they work well with all server platforms and are very popular with anyone who needs to secure names across multiple domains on any number of physical servers.

Want more information? Please visit our Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate page for more details.

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Flexible Payment Options

We offer simple ways to pay for your SSL certificate: credit card and account credit. However, we also support purchase order payments. If purchase orders are a required part of your certificate acquisition process, please contact us or email support (support@digicert.com) so that we can help get you started.

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