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What is a digital

What is a Digital Certificate and Why are Digital Certificates Important?

A Digital Certificate is an electronic file that is tied to a cryptographic key pair and authenticates the identity of a website, individual, organization, user, device or server. It is also known as a public key certificate or identity certificate. The certificate contains the subject, which is the identity piece, as well as a digital signature.

Digital certificates ensure both the identity and secure encryption of a website, individual, organization, device, user or server. They are the foundation to implementing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security.

How Do You Use Digital Certificates?

Digital Certificates can be used to secure websites, devices, web servers, signatures, code, software, email and more. In addition, digital certificates can help encrypt data, activate HTTPS in the URL bar, prove legitimacy of a website, comply with PCI standards, improve SEO rankings for websites and strengthen a brand’s identity.

How Do Digital Certificates Increase Trust?

Digital certificates increase trust by providing a third-party validation of a user, device, server, website, individual or organization. They are an added layer of protection for digital assets. In addition, digital certificates ensure the secure encryption of a website, individual, organization, device, user or server.

Are DigiCert SSL Certificates Automatically Trusted By Browsers?

Yes, DigiCert SSL certificates are automatically trusted in all of today's common browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.