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What are the different types of code signing certificates?

What are the Different Types of Code Signing Certificates?

For public trust usage, code signing certificates are available as Organization Validation (OV) or Standard Certificate and Extended Validation (EV) Certificates.

The platform you’re publishing your software on may also have specific code signing requirements (ie. Microsoft requiring EV code signing certificates or iOS requiring Apple code signing certificates). Check out our Code Signing Support Hub for more information.

Do you Offer Code Signing with Microsoft Authenticode Certificates?

Yes, we do. Microsoft Authenticode certificates provide assurance that your code is tamper-proof and validated. In addition, it allows for agility with control for code signing with more platforms and layered security to protect your apps and safeguard your reputation and customers. Log into your CertCentral account to purchase here.

What are the Features of Microsoft Authenticode Signing?

Microsoft Authenticode signing certificates allows for multiple modes including secure user-mode and kernel-mode software. These certificates are Azure Cloud ready and comply with the security requirements for Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. In addition, Microsoft Authenticode certificates provide for built-in auditing to enhance the lifespan of your code with timestamping.