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What am I subscribing to?

What am I subscribing to?

A DigiCert certificate subscription combines all your digital certificates, access to the CertCentral® certificate management portal, your support plan, and other tools and services to help you protect your business and your customers.

Your DigiCert subscription provides the flexibility you need to manage digital trust across your domains, organizations, and employees. You configure your subscription based on what you want to secure, plus optional benefits like vulnerability scanning or cloud-based key storage. For example, you can configure your subscription to include Secure Site Pro for two fully qualified domains. In that case, your subscription would include access to CertCentral, all the benefits of Secure Site Pro, your support plan, and single or multi-domain certificates for up to 2 FQDNs.


Certificate Type



Number and type of domains (FQDN or wildcard)
Product Plan (Basic, Secure Site, Secure Site Pro)
Validation level (Domain, Organization or Extended Validation)

Code Signing

Number of organizations
Validation level (default or Extended Validation)
Key storage (KeyLocker, DigiCert token, BYO token, BYO HSM)

Document Signing

Number of groups, organizations, or individuals
Key delivery (DigiCert token, BYO token)

Mark Certificates

Number of email domains

S/MIME (Secure Email)

Number of mailboxes, employees, or groups