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How do I verify my
identity to sign a document?

How Do I Verify My Identity to Sign a Document?

Depending on the type of Digital Signature, there are multiple ways to verify your identity. Here are a few:

  • You can go to an authorized registration agent to get your identity verified in-person. You will need to bring an original copy of your currently-valid government identification to the face-to-face registration. In some cases, this may be performed by a registered notary. Once submitted a validation agent will review and may collect additional information to verify the identity.
  • To register online, you can use our remote identity verification service, Verify by DigiCert®, for some certificate types. For this, we will require your ID as well as our identity proofing software downloaded on your mobile device. Qualified certificates require an NFC-capable ID and device.
  • In approved Enterprise enrollments, an organization may verify the identity of their own employees for some certificate types.