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IoT/Device Trust

What is the DigiCert®
IoT Trust Manager?

What is the DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager?

The DigiCert IoT Trust Manager is built within DigiCert ONE and is our solution to easily identify, manage, control and secure every IoT device in your network from one platform. Whether the device is related to healthcare, transportation, smart city, industrial or a smart home and consumer product, we can help you secure and manage it.

Key features:

  • Manage the full device certificate lifecycle from creation and enrollment to provisioning, renewal, and revocation
  • Generate standard and custom certificate profiles to meet the needs of any IoT deployment
  • Permit issuing CAs to automate and quickly scale to large volumes of issuing CAs as needed
  • Provision certificates at any stage—from secure chips to device assembly to the field
  • Provision and track device identity
  • Facilitate secure device updates
  • Configure to fit your processes and compliance needs with containerized architecture
  • Generate reports on certificate status, device identity and any other metadata
  • Generate audit logs to ensure policy compliance