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What are the payment and subscription terms?

How will this change affect how I’m paying for DigiCert products?

Subscriptions are paid for annually and upfront. Please contact your account manager for details on how this may be different from your current agreement.

When does my subscription start?

DigiCert is transitioning retail customer accounts to subscriptions on a rolling basis beginning in February 2024. We will notify you via email in advance of your account becoming subject to this change. Once you receive notice, your annual subscription will activate upon purchase of a new product or renewal of an existing product following the activation start date listed in our email. If you do not receive notice, then your account is not subject to this change. Please see our Terms of Use for further details.

Can I pay monthly?

Currently, all subscription fees are paid annually when you purchase your certificate(s).

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, when your subscription comes up for renewal, all products purchased at any time during your 12-month term will auto-renew at the annual rate, unless you cancel before your renewal date. Combined with the automation features in DigiCert CertCentral, this will help you avoid disruptions caused by expired certificates.

Where can I see my subscriptions?

You can view and manage your subscriptions in DigiCert CertCentral.

What if I still have active or multi-year certificates?

Your certificate will transition to a subscription when you renew.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact your DigiCert account manager.


For a detailed overview of the subscription payment and subscription terms, see our Transactional Subscription Terms and Conditions.