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What is BIMI and
why is it important?

What is BIMI and why is it Important?

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification and is an email specification that enables the display of brand logos within supporting email clients to encourage the widespread deployment of DMARC protection. This specification is part of the overall chain of events leading that allows a Verified Mark Certificate to display an organization’s logo in the recipients' inbox:

  • Companies enable DMARC
  • Email service providers validate the sending domain
  • Only verified emails reach the inbox
  • The validated Verified Mark Certificate logo displays to make this train of trust visible and apparent.

This widespread deployment is particularly important, because as the number of organizations enforcing DMARC increases, the targets for phishing and spoofing attacks are reduced and email as a whole becomes safer and more trustworthy.

How do DMARC, BIMI and Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) Work Together?

Verified Mark Certificates are the last step in a series of identity authentication and security validation checks. Your organization's DMARC enforcement is validated by the email client via confirmation of your BIMI record and VMC-enabled logo. If everything checks out, your logo is displayed, serving as a visual indicator of your message’s authenticity, which in turn increases engagement and builds brand recognition.