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Identity Trust

What is identity trust?

What is Identity Trust?

Identity trust can be broken down into two parts. The first part involves the ability to establish trust for invidual and business identities in the digital world for scenarios such as online account creation, logins, digital or electronic signatures, payments, PKI certificates, etc. For example, as a Certificate Authority (CA), DigiCert validates customer and business identities in order to issue digtal certificates. Identity trust and verification also allows for compliance with regulations, fraud prevention and helps provide a smooth experience for online users.

The second part of identity trust is the ability for online users to understand who they're interacting with on the internet and ensure that their interactions and transactions are secure or safe. For example, how do you know that a user or device is who they say they are? Well, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enables identity validation, which is an important component of maintaining online security and trust. By certifying that a user is who they say they are or a device is authentically issued to your organization, you can thereby trust your communications with those users or devices.

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