Trust & PKI

Why is PKI
important and how does
it increase trust?

Why is PKI important and how does it increase trust?

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is important because it significantly increases the security of a network and provides the foundation for securing all internet-connected things. PKI is a core component of data confidentiality, information integrity, authentication, and data access control. PKI is the foundation required to secure communication between IoT devices and platforms.

PKI increases trust on the internet because it provides a system and infrastructure to secure data, user and device identities and ensure the integrity of the data has remained intact and is authentic. With PKI, you can issue digital certificates that authenticate the identity of users, devices, or services. These certificates work for both public web pages and private internal services (e.g., to authenticate devices connecting with your VPN, Wiki, Wi-Fi, etc.)

How does identity make PKI more trusted?

Verifying identity is one of the foundational goals of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)—to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the user or device being secured.