User Authentication Personal ID Services for Enterprise Customers

Watch this video to learn about DigiCert's personal ID services and client certificates

DigiCert offers personal ID user authentication certificates through our Managed PKI accounts. Personal ID user authentication certificates allow system admins in large organizations to fine tune their client certificate management with a feature-rich interface that was developed in conjunction with our customers.

Client certificates are used to digitally identify a particular individual or user with an authentication server. Because usernames and passwords can be misplaced or stolen this is often used as an enhanced security measure beyond simple user validation.

How Does it Work?

Using client certificates couldn't be easier. You simply enter the emails of the users that you want to issue certificates to (manually or in a CSV file) then select a term length for your certificates as well as whether or not the certs will be automatically renewable after they expire.

Certificates that have already been issued can be revoked or reissued by an administrator at any time. Our Managed PKI includes an easily searchable admin panel that greatly simplifies certificate management.

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