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Email Trust

Around the world, millions of individuals, small businesses and large corporations rely on email to transact and communicate, often sending messages that contain highly sensitive information. With the rise of cyber threats like phishing and spoofing, improving email security is more important than ever to protect against scams and
privacy breaches.  

Standards and technologies like VMC, DMARC, BIMI and S/MIME play a crucial role in safeguarding brand reputation, ensuring effective communication and protecting sensitive data to bolster email trust. Read the FAQs for each of these solutions to learn how DigiCert can help you: 

  • Protect against phishing scams

  • Enhance brand recognition and trustworthiness

  • Validate email authenticity

  • Protect users from malicious emails

  • Ensure legitimate emails don’t get marked as spam

  • Display logos in inboxes to reinforce brand identity

  • Get end-to-end encryption

  • Digitally sign emails to verify senders’ identities