Wildcard SSL Certificates are a convenient way to secure an entire domain with a single certificate. However, some applications need the enhanced trust offered only by Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates. With an EV certificate you can increase shopping cart rates and enhance user trust on the most important areas of your website while you secure the remainder of your domain with a Wildcard. See our blog, How to Identity Fake Websites, for more information.



When to use Extended Validation SSL

EV SSL Certificates should be used wherever you need to communicate a high level of trust to your users, such as shopping carts, login pages, and other sensitive front-facing pages. DigiCert’s EV SSL Certificates confirm your website has passed rigorous identity verification.

EV SSL Certificates are recommended for:

Account area/logins

Phishing scams and related exploits rely on sending your customers and users to fake login areas. Training your users to look for the assurances provided by EV SSL Certificates is an important step in securing your network and protecting your data.

Order process

Studies show that shopping cart abandonment dramatically decreases when you are able to display trust seals, use EV SSL certificates, or other visual indicators that it is safe to conduct transactions on your site.

Front-facing webpages

Ensure your users when they first reach your site that it is legitimate and secure.

Other sensitive areas

Because of the higher level of authentication and verification provided by an EV certificate, users know that you are who you say you are and feel safe transferring sensitive data.


The Benefits of DigiCert EV SSL Plus

Using an EV certificate communicates to your users and customers that you value their safety and trust. And, while other Certificate Authorities can take days or even weeks to issue an EV certificate, DigiCert typically issues EV certificates in less than an hour. With DigiCert, you don’t have to choose between fast issuance and high assurance.

Some other benefits you will enjoy with DigiCert’s certificates include:

  • Certificates issued in less than an hour
  • Free reissues for the life of the certificate
  • Prices less than many leading CAs charge for their REGULAR high-assurance certificates
  • The only 5-star customer rating in the industry (according to SSLshopper.com)

No WildCard-Secured Network is Complete without EV SSL

A Wildcard certificate provides comprehensive protection for your entire enterprise. When combined with the heightened level confidence provided by EV SSL, you are equipped with all of the tools you need to customize each portion of your network with the appropriate level of security.

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