Enterprise SSL Questions & Answers

Enterprise Managed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) accounts allow organizations with many certificates to manage their certificates directly and immediately. This gives account administrators more control and eliminates the waiting period associated with retail requests.

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Q: What is a Managed PKI account?
ANSWER: Managed PKI (also known as enterprise SSL) is a certificate management platform that enables IT administrators to more efficiently manage their SSL Certificates. With a DigiCert Managed PKI account, admins are empowered to handle the PKI management functions that are necessary to meet the needs of a large organization.
Q: How much does an MPKI account cost?
ANSWER: DigiCert offers MPKI accounts to enterprise customers without user or service fees. Customers interested in creating an MPKI account can speak directly to their DigiCert account manager to set up this platform.
Q: Can I set up permissions on my MPKI account?
ANSWER: Yes. DigiCert’s MPKI account allows administrators to create multiple units and subunits to match any organization’s structure. Administrators can customize these permissions according to their individual needs.
Q: Which certificates are available through MPKI?
ANSWER: All of the certificates that DigiCert offers are available through an MPKI account. Additionally, MPKI customers can purchase client certificates through their account.
Q: How long will it take for my certificates to get issued?
ANSWER: DigiCert has some of the fastest issuance times out of any CA. And, in an MPKI account, certificates are issued even faster due to domain pre-approval, organization pre-approval, and certificate pre-payment.
Q: Is there an MPKI API available?
ANSWER: DigiCert provides a robust REST API that allows you to automate the process of requesting, renewing, revoking, approving, reissuing, and otherwise managing your SSL Certificates. Combined with Enterprise Managed PKI, the DigiCert REST API gives you a comprehensive solution for managing every stage of your certificate’s lifecycle. Click here to learn more about the API.
Q: What do I need to do to sign up for MPKI?
ANSWER: Simply talk to a DigiCert account manager to sign up for an MPKI account. You can get in touch with an account manager by filling out this form or calling 1-801-701-9690.